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Total Cosmetics Distributors Corp. is a puertorican company related to the cosmetics world, with more than twenty years of experience in the cosmetics industry.


The passion for what we do makes us always update the latest and newest cosmetic products, with special emphasis in developing products of the highest quality at an affordable price.


Since our origin, our philosophy has been not having limits when making colors,allowing us to be known in the market and be part of the major chain of stores in Puerto Rico.


In 2012 we introduced Colorina Nail Lacquer which became the most fastest growing line of nail polishes in the local market. In 2015, with a great success and support of the puertorican and latin consumers we took the initiative to be the first local company that launched a two step gel, known as Coloringel. It has become, as well as the Colorina Nail Lacquer a favorite in the major chain stores of the country.


Among the Total Cosmetics Distributors Corp brands we can mention: Colorina Nail Lacquer, ColorinGel, Chika Makeup, Cara de Reina, Salon Icon y Kolorez. In 2016, our goal is to keep on creating new products in order to keep growing.

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